Things that crams my head

A little bit of random thoughts.

I told myself don’t get attached

You don’t feel pretty. You just feel used.

Sometimes I wish

Hopes that was burned down. Doors keep on closing. Faith that was keep on shattering. Knees keep on trembling. Mouth that was ripped off.  Thoughts that keep on shifting. It was forever evolving into nothing.

I thought I never wanted to lose you. I thought I wanna hold on to you tightly but that was for lie. Your half-blurred inside my retina. Nothing, indeed I mean nothing for you while you mean a lot to me. This smile is too painful. This tears keeps on struggling to come out. I am brave I can handle this. That’s what I always tell to myself.

But then it’s time to face the truth. You never liked me. Just whisper to wind maybe then it would care back to me unlike you. You’re cold, colder than hailstorm. But still you’re flakes keeps on mesmerizing me. You’re too beautiful to behold. Your the sweet dream in my beautiful nightmare.

You are. You are. How I wish I could just simply shut you down in my brain cells like how my white cells eat my bad cells and take you out of my body. To take you out inside of me. Why? It’s in me I know. You just don’t. It’s too sad to forget all of those beautiful memories. It was agony to forget you but then I have to. That’s the truth and it has no need to apologize for.